PC: Taylor Donskey / Cover Design: Ben Callow

PC: Taylor Donskey / Cover Design: Ben Callow


Songs Written and Produced by Lena Elizabeth Bredeson

Lena Elizabeth Bredeson: Lead Vocals, Baritone Ukulele, Backing Vocals

Taylor James Donskey: Upright Bass, Backing Vocals, String Arrangements, Aux Percussion, Co-Production

Jeff Krause: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals, Aux Percussion

Daniel Staddon: Drums, Aux Percussion

Joe Peterson: B3 Organ, Piano

Charles Dylan Rodreick: Backing Vocals

Mary Alice Hutton: Violin

Kirstin McDuffie: Viola

Jon McDuffie: Cello

Andrew Wozniak: Electric Guitar

Engineering, Editing, & Mixing by Miles Hanson

Mastering by Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979, Nashville TN

Recorded at Creation Audio, Minneapolis MN

Personal Note from Lena Elizabeth:

“Get It Right” is an album that is deeply personal to me. I can’t tell you how excited and yet scared I am to share this record. It scares me because each of these songs leaves me feeling exposed and vulnerable. That is also why I’m so excited about it. It’s me. It’s my story.

I have struggled with crippling anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, and generally beating myself up. Through those struggles I have learned to ask for help, found love and with that learned to love myself again. Channeling all of this into music has given me confidence and a voice to tell myself, I am enough.

In this album I am letting it all hang out. All the pain and self-doubt. All the fear, and anger. All the grief, joy and LOVE! I’m ready to share this with you. Thank you for listening to my story.

- Lena

Get It Right:

Album Released 11/29/18

  1. Loaded Gun - 3:37

  2. Crazy For You - 4:47

  3. Nobody Wants You [Explicit] - 3:37

    Nobody Want You [Radio Edit] - 3:37

  4. Dementia - 3:56

  5. Evermore - 3:20

  6. Get It Right - 3:55

  7. Love Me So - 3:42

  8. Wasted - 3:49

  9. Always - 3:07

  10. Go On Home - 3:35

Short Bio:

Lena Elizabeth is a singer/songwriter based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, writing songs influenced by folk storytelling with a voice rooted in the blues. The youngest in a household full of musicians, she succeeds in blending old and new influences to create a Pop/Roots sound that is approachable across generations.

Long Bio:

Lena Elizabeth released her first full length album, “Get It Right”, on November 29th, 2018. After the successful release of her debut EP, “The Line”(released summer of 2017), Lena has taken her music to the next level with this new record. “Get It Right” is a story of self-acceptance, anxiety, anger, relationships (good & bad) and through it all finding home. You can expect the same powerful vocals of Lena Elizabeth with even more confidence and attitude, upbeat and laidback grooves, Rock ‘n’ Roll anthems, honest and bold lyrics, beautiful complex harmonies, tasty guitar licks, playful bass lines, and a lot of raw emotion.

Recommended Tracks:

  1. Loaded Gun, 3. Nobody Wants You, 6. Get It Right, 9. Always

Video shot by: Laurel Goulson


Email: lenaelizabethmusic@gmail.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lenaelizabethmusic/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lenaelizabeth.b/

High Resolution Photos

PC: Nick Meza

PC: Nick Meza

PC: Wyat Switz

PC: Wyat Switz

PC: Laurel Goulson

PC: Laurel Goulson

Press Quotes

Get It Right… more broadly expands the warm and elegant but still often heavy and powerful style she (Lena Elizabeth) first developed…One of the highlights, the title track finds her going to church Hozier-style. Other tunes incorporate strings and organ around her tight regular band, featuring Taylor Donskey (bass), Daniel Staddon (drums) and Jeff Krause (guitar).
— Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
The bluesy baritone-uke player evolved as a bandleader in 2017 ... and holding the stage like a musician with double the experience.
— Jerard Fagerberg, City Pages

Live Videos:

Notable Venues/Festivals Played:

Basilica Block Party (2018), Big Turn Music Festival (2018 & 2019), Mid West Music Festival (2019), Cedar Cultural Center (2018 Album Release Show)

Listen to Album:

Lena Elizabeth and Sister Species are two groups that defy stereotypes of what female-led bands — especially ones featuring folky instruments — are supposed to be.
— Sheila Regan, Southwest Journal
...sweetness sounds best up against a snarl — some complexity and tension. Lena Elizabeth, is all too aware... Lena Elizabeth is one to watch.
— Cecilia Johnson, The Current
Lena ... sounds like Midwestern Brandi Carlile with a meaty voice ... Definitely a coming-out effort worth noticing.
— Chris Riemenshneider, Star Tribune

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