Spring Tour 2019 - The Journey West

Las Cruces, New Mexico

While in San Antonio we decided to look up an Airbnb to split up our long drive (14hrs) to Phoenix, AZ. We landed on this quirky, old airplane hangar next to the train tracks in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The space had been converted into an art gallery/living space and was filled wall-to-wall with all kinds of art, antique furniture, neon signs, and quirky knickknacks. We contacted the host and explained that we were touring musicians on our way to the west coast. Our host, Derek, immediately responded and offered up the space for an impromptu show for the same night to help fund our journey! So, we left bound for Las Cruces not knowing exactly what we would be getting into, but ready to play some music in the desert of NM.

IMG_3551 2.jpg

When we arrived, we were greeted by Derek and his friend Bill. Both Derek and Bill were so kind and worked to cleared off the stage to help us get set up for the show. They opened up the door behind us to let in the sunset over the train tracks and the stage was set. This space was made for live music! The acoustics in that room were incredible. We played to a small group of new friends and had the chance to test out our newly collaborated three-part harmonies (watch video here). It was wonderful to hear the blend of our voices so clearly echoed in that room.

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While chatting with Bill and Derek after the show, we learned that they were both from Arizona and happened to also be traveling to Phoenix the next day! Bill sent out a message to his friend, Richie, at ThirdSpace, a venue in Phoenix. He let him know we were coming through to see if maybe we could play a show the following night. That morning, Richie responded that we were welcome to come and play! So, we left for our next destination, ready to play another impromptu show!

Next Stop: Phoenix, AZ

As we left New Mexico, the temperature began to rise as we edged closer to Arizona. By the time we hit Phoenix it was a bone dry 100 degrees. I’ve never really experienced dry heat coming from Minnesota and I have to admit it was pretty amazing. The desert hugged my wintery bones and reminded me to relax my shoulders and soak it all in. No complaints from this Minnesota native. I have felt the sting of -50 below wind chills and my body was ready for this new extreme.


We rolled into ThirdSpace around 7pm, ate a huge burrito (so satisfying after two days of granola, trail mix, and dried mangoes) and began to set up for the show. Around 8pm I kicked off the show and Freaque closed out the night.


Thank you so much to my cousin-in-law, Sam, for hosting us and for coming out with your friends to support us. It was so great to meet you all. Also, thank you Bill and Derek for helping us set up the show and for giving us so many recommendations for places to play in the future. You guys are such generous souls and we are so happy to have met you both. And finally, thank you to Richie from ThirdSpace for having us so last minute. We had a blast and can’t wait to come back in the near future! Until next time, Phoenix!

 Next Stop: The Grand Canyon

While in Arizona, we figured we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see one of the world’s greatest wonders: The Grand Canyon. It really is true what they say, you can’t fully capture its awesomeness on camera. There’s a reason this place is visited by people all over the world. It is absolutely breathtaking and has a profound way of reminding us how small we really are. If you ever have a chance to go, do it.

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One of my favorite moments on our hike in the canyon was passing a little girl (probably about 3 years old) walking with her parents and stopping to point at something every three feet, and exclaiming, “WOW! LOOK...WOW!” I’ve felt just like that little girl every new place we go. Just, WOW!

Next stop: Joshua Tree, CA

After a memorable day and night in the Grand Canyon, we left Arizona bound for Joshua Tree, California. Joshua Tree is like another world. It felt as if time slowed. We pulled into the venue we would be playing at that night, a place called Furst Wurld. This space is incredible. It’s filled with installation art pieces made of stone, metal, mannequins. garbage, nails and even bullets. It is utterly unique in every way and seems to be a destination music venue for the community in Joshua Tree. I was blown away by the sound in this open space in the middle of the desert. We played to an attentive audience full of people listening, responding and moving to the music. It was refreshing.


Thank you so much to Bobby Furst for creating this beautiful space and letting us come and share our music. Thank you to Kaeley of KPH (New Album coming soon! Go check her out! She’s amazing!) for inviting us to be a part of this show. And finally, thank you to all the other amazing acts who played that night (KPH, Manybest, and Gene Evaro Jr) for sharing your music with us. This show was definitely one of my favorites. After a night full of music, we crashed in our van (Thanks for letting us sleep on the property, Bobby!) and woke up early the next morning to go explore Joshua Tree National Park.


After climbing around on the rocks, admiring all the cactus flowers and Joshua trees, and getting a little sun burned, we left the park and continued on our journey!

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Lena Bredeson